Wendy Hartley

Reiki Artist

Artist, Art Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Spinner, Weaver

Creativity for Wellbeing

Learn how to reconnect with yourself through art.

In this fast-paced world it is easy to get caught up in the energy of racing around meeting the needs of those around us, and sometimes we can feel like we lose ourselves in the process. I can show you a gentle way to reconnect with your inner wise self through creativity so you can create your happiness and move in alignment within your life.

I have lots of online and in-person classes in development! I can even custom design a class to help you move through a unique situation you feel stuck in. Subscribe to my newsletter to catch the latest news on my upcoming programs!

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Online Classes

In-Person Workshops

Currently no in-person workshops due to Covid-19.

Original Artworks

Art Infused with Healing Energy

I am an Artist and Reiki Practitioner who brings you healing through art to help you create your own wellbeing. I tune into the energy of Reiki while creating my pieces, and this charges my artworks and creations with their own powerful medicine.

Create from your Inner World

Have fun playing with art materials and concepts to assist you in releasing from your life what is holding you back, let go of perfectionism and start welcoming in to your life a sense of alignment and ease.


Online painting class

Meet Your Inner Guide

Find Connection to Your Inner Wisdom

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