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Reiki is Universal Life Energy.

It is an energy within us that connects us to everything around us, and many cultures from ancient times until now have knowledge and language around the innate wisdom to access healing and wellbeing by tapping into the flow of this energy.

Everything is energy.

As an artist with a very creatively wired brain, I’ve generally been at odds with the hard logic of scientific thinking. I tend to lean towards the “feel my way through life” approach rather than follow “proven” facts or procedures. So, when I first heard of Reiki healing, more specifically equine reiki, I was intrigued but also hesitant.

I have to admit I was sceptical about it all.

That is, until I saw my horse respond to the invisible Reiki energy.

Horses are amazingly sensitive and in tune to their surroundings and the energy they are exposed to, even from quite a distance. Their highly honed survival instincts use this information to protect them as individuals and as a herd, most often choosing flight as a first option when they sense a potential threat. They respond with their own energy levels to changes in atmospheric conditions, to addition or removal of the energy of other animals, people or objects, and they certainly respond to the emotional state you present with when you go to spend time with them. When I first played around with channelling reiki to my horses, their response was rather profound.

reiki, art, equine, horse, energy painting, Wendy Hartley art

My usually stand-offish stockhorse gelding yawned about fifteen times. He placed his head between my hands and stayed there, his eyes closed and head low, going deep into a sleep for a good thirty minutes while a willy wagtail bird twittered and flitted around next to us on the fence. (This sweet little bird became a regular at our paddock reiki sessions!)

My horse took his fill of the energy that was offered to him and then, just like that, I felt the energy turn off and he walked away.

I was new to reiki at that time and didn’t really know what I was doing, but what I saw and felt was very clear and straightforward. I furthered my Reiki training, treating people and horses, continuing through to Master level. The more I explore reiki, the more I find myself opening to learning and the shifting of blocks in my life, even being able to release deeply held beliefs that were no longer supporting me in my life. I could finally let go of fears, anger and resentments that I had long been tired of dragging around with me. I could be lighter and freer moving forward into my future. This, of course, is a process that is ongoing as more of ourselves is revealed to us.

Reiki is gentle and safe.

It is an energy that goes where it is needed. As healers, we do not impose our own energy on recipients, and it is our responsibility to make sure we are just acting as channels for the energy, allowing healing to occur. Horses are great teachers in this regard, acting as mirrors to our inner world, and seeing through any ego or pretense. They require of us that we turn up as authentic and present, and can remind us to find that place of strength within.

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