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There is an innate wisdom within each of us.

So often we get caught up in our mind chatter, tangled up in anxious thoughts and battered around by the opinions of others on what is best for us. Our lives are so busy and overly full of mental stimulation with our responsibilities and technology, that we lose touch with our ability to take a moment to find stillness and tune our attention inwards to seek direction from our inner compass. It is in that moment of stillness that we gain access to a powerful tool for wellbeing.

We all have a dual-action inner guidance system.

One the one hand, there is the inner critic who raises the alarm whenever we consider stepping outside of our comfort zone and take a risk. That level of risk that triggers the inner-critic’s response is different for each of us, but the purpose of it is to keep us safe. Which is great! However the inner critic tends to over-generalise and overreact in fear, and can discourage you from stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. A common example of this is when people say they would love to try painting but they “can’t even draw stick figures.” When you dig around a bit further you find they usually had a situation as a child where someone criticised their drawing or painting, and it has stuck with them all their lives, preventing them from attempting art again. And so if they decide they would like to try, the inner critic brings out a bombard of thoughts telling them how it’s a terrible idea.

If we turn down the volume of the inner critic, we can hear the whisper of the inner guide.

Our inner guide is the opposite of the critic, and holds space of possibilities and transformation for us. The inner guide, too, keeps us safe, because it works in our interest, and so can protect us from being swayed by the self-serving agendas of others. If you are not used to listening within, its voice of wisdom can be hard to hear, so regular free-writing in a journal can sharpen your awareness of it. And the more you take a moment of quiet in your day to listen within, the easier it will become to recognise the wisdom. Sometimes it might be a word that pops in your mind, or a sudden ‘knowing’ or insight, or a feeling in your body that something is not quite right. All of these are whispers of your inner guide.

Using creativity, we can open a portal to access our inner guidance.

When we are swept up in the energy of being creative, we can achieve great clarity and insight as we find ourselves absorbed in the processing of creating and exploring with art. In my online painting class, Meet Your Inner Guide, we use intention and guided visualisation to access our inner wisdom, and paint a portal on the canvas through which our inner guide emerges. I’d love for you to join us!

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