Wendy Hartley

Reiki Artist

Artist, Art Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Spinner, Weaver

What I’m All About


I’m Wendy Hartley, an Artist, Reiki Practitioner and Art Teacher based in country NSW, Australia.

I paint using the mediums of oils, watercolour and acrylics, and immerse my spirit in bright colours and texture, with nature as inspiration, exploring intuitive and more traditional painting styles. I see creativity as a way to access inner wisdom to build strength from within.

I am an Art of Allowing Facilitator (Flora Aube painting method) as well as Color of Woman/Intentional Creativity Teacher (Shiloh Sophia painting method).

My programs explore the divine masculine and feminine, living with the rhythms of the earth and moon, and how painting energy affects the physical body. I offer online painting classes, group workshops, and private sessions that guide people to find their own healing and meaning through art practice and ritual.

When I am not painting in my farm studio, I can often be found in the paddock spending time with my horses.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting my online studio!

Wendy x

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