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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a Reiki Distance Healing session work?

To prepare for your distance reiki healing, it is preferable that you settle into a comfortable resting position for the duration of your one-hour session, however you can choose to receive the healing while you go about your day. Reiki can be received whilst in a deep state of relaxation or even during sleep. Have a glass of water available, and perhaps a throw or light blanket. You may like to set aside an extra 15 minutes at the end of the session so that you can take your time bringing your awareness back to your present moment and surroundings. Please make sure you are fully awake and present before you drive a vehicle.

During the session as I channel reiki to your energy field, you may feel shifts of energy, heat or cold, or notice images in your mind, however this does not always happen, so do not worry if you don’t feel or notice anything during your healing session. Be assured that the healing energy is working.

Following the session, it is important to drink plenty of water to support your body in releasing past stored emotions and behaviour patterns. It is common to experience tiredness during this process of releasing, so please listen to your body and rest if needed.

You will receive an email reminder prior to the session but I will generally not contact you prior to your appointment unless I need further information. I will do the healing session remotely through connecting with you energetically (no contact via phone or zoom is required), and will email you a Client Session Report with feedback within 24 hours.

What is the difference between the types of Reiki sessions you offer?

I offer various themes of distance reiki sessions, however all are based on energy healing with some having a particular focus to support a client’s intentions or goals. You can either choose to stick to one type of session, or combine and mix and match different types, whichever option feels best for you. Reiki energy flows to the area of highest healing priority so know that there is no wrong choice. I work with the chakras in my energy healing sessions, and every session will incorporate a component of chakra balancing. The chakras are energy centres in the body that regulate all its organ functions and immune responses, as well as processing and storage of emotions. 

Reiki Distance Healing sessions are ideal for deep relaxation, energetic clearing, and include a chakra alignment. These sessions are recommended to release stress, anxiety or fear, to restore energetic or emotional balance, or manage pain.

Money Reiki Distance Healing sessions are useful to clear blocks to receiving money and creating prosperity. Recommended for support in your business or while increasing financial independence and building personal financial stability.

New Moon Reiki Distance Healing sessions use the natural energy of the new moon phase to magnify the potency of the healing. The New Moon is a perfect time to set intentions for a new cycle of growth and a vision for what you want to create in your life. This hour-long distance Reiki session is ideal to support your alignment with those intentions, as well as rest and rejuvenation. You can book a New Moon Reiki session at any time as the intentions you set will be activated at the New Moon.

Full Moon Reiki Distance Healing sessions use the natural energy of the full moon phase to magnify the potency of the healing. The Full Moon is a time to release toxic patterns and any restrictive beliefs or blocks to what you are wanting to manifest in your life. This hour-long distance Reiki session is ideal to clear those energetic blocks and rebalance. You can book a Full Moon Reiki session at any time as the intentions you set will be activated at the Full Moon. 

How many Reiki Healing sessions do I need?

As a guideline, monthly Reiki Distance Healing sessions are recommended for optimum relaxation, balance and wellbeing, as well as providing support for healing blocks to goals and intentions around money, wealth and prosperity. Regular Reiki sessions will enable you to maintain a high vibration, supporting clarity, focus, productivity, healing and emotional balance. During a period when you feel you need more support, then weekly or fortnightly session are very beneficial. Regardless of what advice or recommendations you receive, always follow your own intuition and body wisdom as to how often you need Reiki and Energy Healing.

Can you explain Reiki a bit more?

I have written a blog post titled “What is Reiki, and How Can It Help You?” which you can find HERE.

What does Reiki have to do with art?

Reiki and art are companions that together can create magic. Creativity is an energy that moves through and within us, and can be blocked by emotional issues or memories that are stored in the body. Our creativity can be unlocked by Reiki, and infused by the healing energy of reiki so that our creative works themselves hold medicine for ourselves and others.

I love teaching others how to unlock this magic within themselves. My online Energy Art classes can be found at https://wendyhartley.com/online-classes/

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